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No. 47 (Royal Marine) Commando - Wikipedia.

No. 47 (Royal Marine) Commando is a battalion size formation in the British Commandos, formed in August 1943 during the Second World War.The Commando was assigned to the 4th Special Service Brigade and served North West Europe and took part in the Normandy Landings, operations around Ostend, Antwerp and the Netherlands before being disbanded in January ....

Royal Lancers - Wikipedia.

The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths' Own) is a cavalry regiment of the British Army. The regiment was formed by an amalgamation of 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) and the Queen's Royal Lancers on 2 May 2015. It serves as the Formation Reconnaissance Regiment of the 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade.

Norwegian royal family - Wikipedia.

Norwegian royal families are the families of either previous or present Norwegian monarchs.The current family who holds the throne are members of the House of Glucksburg and ascended the throne after the election of Prince Carl (regal name Haakon VII) during the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union in 1905.. In Norway there is a distinction between the Royal House ....

Captain (British Army and Royal Marines) - Wikipedia.

Captain (Capt) is a junior officer rank of the British Army and Royal Marines and in both services it ranks above lieutenant and below major with a NATO ranking code of OF-2. The rank is equivalent to a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and to a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.The rank of captain in the Royal Navy is considerably more senior (equivalent to the Army/RM rank ....

Royal Enfield Himalayan - Wikipedia.

Model History. The Royal Enfield Himalayan was conceived by CEO Siddhartha Lal, as an adventure touring, or dual sport motorcycle. The Himalayan differs considerably from the other motorcycles offered by Royal Enfield - most of which are various incarnations of the Bullet utilising the same frame and engine - in terms of its chassis and powertrain..

Royal Flush (rapper) - Wikipedia.

Royal Flush (born Ramel T. Govantes on October 20, 1973) is an American East Coast rapper from Flushing, Queens, New York.He is a friend of Mic Geronimo and appeared on many songs with him. His 1997 debut album, Ghetto Millionaire, featured production from Buckwild, L.E.S., Da Beatminerz and some verses from Noreaga in various songs, and received critical acclaim..

Royal Logistic Corps - Wikipedia.

The Royal Logistic Corps provides logistic support functions to the British Army. It is the largest Corps in the Army. History. Arms of the British Army; Combat Arms; Royal Armoured Corps and Household Cavalry; Infantry; Guards Division; Scottish, Welsh and Irish Division; King's Division; Queen's Division; Parachute Regiment ....

List of British royal consorts - Wikipedia.

A royal consort is the spouse of a ruling king or queen.Consorts of monarchs of the United Kingdom and its predecessors have no constitutional status or power but many have had significant influence. [citation needed]Prince Philip, the longest-served and oldest-ever consort, died aged 99 after having served for nearly 70 years.His mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth The ....

Swedish royal family - Wikipedia.

The Swedish royal family (Swedish: Svenska kungafamiljen) since 1818 has consisted of members of the Swedish Royal House of Bernadotte, closely related to the King of Sweden.Today those who are recognized by the government are entitled to royal titles and styles (manner of address), and perform official engagements and ceremonial duties of state. The extended ....

Royal Oak - Wikipedia.

The Royal Oak is the English oak tree within which the future King Charles II of England hid to escape the Roundheads following the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The tree was in Boscobel Wood, which was part of the park of Boscobel House.Charles told Samuel Pepys in 1680 that while he was hiding in the tree, a Parliamentarian soldier passed directly below it..

Royal Army - Wikipedia.

Royal Army may refer to: French Royal Army (1652-1830) (French: Armee royale, "Royal Army"), an army from 1652 to 1830; Royal Albanian Army (Albanian: Ushtria Mbreterore, "Royal Army"), an army from 1924 to 1939; Royal Afghan Army; Royal Bahraini Army; Royal Bavarian Army;.

Emerson Royal - Wikipedia.

Emerson Aparecido Leite de Souza Junior (born 14 January 1999), known as Emerson Royal or simply Emerson, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Brazil national team Early life. ....

Royal Academy of Arts – Wikipedia.

Die Royal Academy of Arts wurde 1768 von George III. gegrundet, mit 34 bedeutenden Kunstlern und Architekten als Grundungsmitglieder unter der Leitung des Malers Joshua Reynolds; darunter waren mit den Malerinnen Angelika Kauffmann und Mary Moser auch zwei Frauen. Ausloser war ein Streit innerhalb der damals fuhrenden Kunstlervereinigung Society of Artists of Great Britain..

Princess Royal – Wikipedia.

Den Titel einer Princess Royal ([prIns?s 'r?I?l], deutsch etwa: Konigliche Prinzessin) verleiht der britische Monarch traditionsgemass, jedoch nicht automatisch, seiner altesten Tochter. Dieser wird auf Lebenszeit getragen und kann in dieser Zeit niemand anderem verliehen werden, sodass es stets nur eine einzige Princess Royal zur selben Zeit gibt..

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Wikipedia.

The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (/ ? s ae k s ? k o? b ?: g ... ' g ? ? ?,-t ? /; German: Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) is a European Royal House.It takes its name from its oldest domain, the Ernestine duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, but its members later sat on the thrones of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Mexico. ....

Park Royal Vehicles - Wikipedia.

Park Royal was also responsible for many other coachworks besides London buses. It had a vast array of vehicles to its name including the first diesel London Taxi, a number of railcars and railbuses (e.g. the British Rail Class 103 and one of the British Rail Railbuses) and World War II vehicles. During World War II it also played a part in the production of Halifax bombers as the ....

Eingetragener Kaufmann – Wikipedia.

Die Bezeichnung eingetragener Kaufmann oder eingetragene Kauffrau (auch Einzelkaufmann bzw.-frau) gibt in Deutschland an, dass ein Einzelunternehmer, das heisst eine naturliche Person, als Kaufmann im Handelsregister eingetragen ist. Abkurzungen fur Einzelkaufleute sind insbesondere e.K., e.Kfm. oder e.Kfr. HGB).. Damit findet auf die Geschafte des eingetragenen ....

Old Royal Palace - Wikipedia.

The Old Royal Palace (Greek: ?????? ???????? Palaia Anaktora) is the first royal palace of modern Greece, completed in 1843. It has housed the Hellenic Parliament since 1934. The Old Palace is situated at the heart of modern Athens , facing onto Syntagma Square ..

The king is dead, long live the king! - Wikipedia.

Origin. The original phrase was translated from the French: Le roi est mort, vive le roi!, which was first declared upon the accession to the French throne of Charles VII after the death of his father Charles VI in 1422. In France, the declaration was traditionally made by the Duke of Uzes, a senior peer of France, as soon as the coffin containing the remains of the previous king descended ....,_long_live_the_king!.